Mylittlenotebook - all about me!!

Mylittlenotebook is your own online Notebook where you can keep your Diary, keep a record of your finances and lots lots more.


Looking for a secure site where you can keep all of your records in one place? Mylittlenotebook is the answer for you!! My littlenotebook is designed to be simple and easy to use and understand - after all life is best kept simple!!

Watch the video below for a overview of how Mylittlenotebook can become record of everything about you!!

Personal Finances

Mylittlenotebook allows you to allocate your income to different expense categories and then allows you to track you expenses in each category.

Mylittlenotebook teaches you how to allocate your income wisely and allows you to ensure you aren't spending money in a silly way.

Mylittlenotebook helps you to track your spending and see where you might be spending too much on unnecessary expenditure.


Mylittlenotebook's Diary allows you to keep a record of everything that happens in your life.

The diary also allows you to have specific subjects that reminds you everyday to enter something that might have happened about that subject on each day.

Customise your diary with different fonts and backgrounds of your choice.

Birthday Book

Mylittlenotebook's Birthday Book is handy place to record your family and friends and other important birthdays and occasions you need to remember.

Ensure you never miss another important birthday with this handy reminder tool.



Pricing - we offer simple pricing - either $9 per month or $75 per year.

No Advert's

No Advertising - enjoy your MylittleNotebook without those pesky ad's appearing all the time!!

We don't allow 3rd party advertisers so you can enjoy notebook records all to yourself.


Secure - our online portal is totally secure with passwords and only real email addresses able to be used.


Use Mylittlenotebook on your PC or mobile anywhere anytime online!

No need to download apps - it's always available on the cloud.

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No fixed terms

No fixed terms - we don't traps you into any fixed term plans - either pay 1 month at a time or pay for 1 year at a time - your choice!